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Ways to Help Cideries during the COVID-19 Crisis

Obviously these are uneasy times with the COVID-19 pandemic that will see every person and industry affected in varying ways, and our thoughts are with everyone during these challenging and unpredictable times.

One of the main economic victims so far has been and will continue to be small businesses – many of which include your favourite small craft cideries – through the loss of sales, canceling various planned events, amongst other factors.

While not everyone may be able to support these cideries at this time because of economy worry and strain, we wanted to provide a list of ways you can help support your cidery during these weeks and months to ensure their continued longevity if you are able:

  1. Don’t visit them if you are sick! As they are local hubs, they can see many people during a day, so they could be a source of spread.
  2. If you plan to visit in person, call/check online to see if your cidery is even open. Many are not open for the season yet and some have restricted hours in response for social distancing
  3. Order online if they have a virtual store. Check out our cidery services listing at to see who will ship directly to you!
  4. Don’t expect free samples at this time if you do visit. Many cideries and businesses have temporarily suspended sampling programs to avoid cross-contamination
  5. Wash/sterilize your hands before you make a purchase from them at their retail store or farmers market – and if you just go to a local bar for a pint.
  6. Some cideries offer growler pours of their product from their retail store. As the use of reusable containers/bags are being suspended at many businesses at this time, don’t bring in your own growler. Rent a new container for the time being if they are still offering these services.
  7. If applicable, buy gift cards! You may not want product now, but maybe after the dust settles for this pandemic, you can use the cards while the business gets the money now.
  8. Promote your favourite ciders on social media! Keep the chatter going about these brands and provide reviews.
  9. Don’t hoard! It may be tempting to buy cases of products from retail and grocery stores and the LCBO but you aren’t the only cider fan and maybe we all need a cold cider to get through these long, challenging days at home!
  10. If you’re stuck inside, it might be a good time to review your cider collections. Consider drinking canned ciders that may have a ‘best drank by’ date coming up soon (or even if they are past, still totally safe to drink!) and maybe if you’re like us, drink some vintages that are a few years old (we have too many years-old ice ciders ourselves!)
  11. Email/comment to your favourite cideries how much you appreciate their product! Cidermakers and their staff are not immune to the emotional strain of these uneasy times, so your comments could make their day
  12. Plan a trip to visit many of these cideries when the crisis has settled regardless. And plan your trip using!

Always follow the latest advice from local, provincial and national health care agencies, and visit for the latest news.

Stay safe fellow cider lovers! We want to continue our discussions and love of cider for many years to come with you all!


BONUS: See some of the ciders that offer shipping!

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Wow! The response from our post yesterday informing you of what Ontario Craft Cideries offer home shipping was incredible! This community of cider lovers absolutely wants to help their fellow small cideries throughout these tough times for sure! We’ve updated our post with a few cideries we missed in the fray of things and added a few more shipping promotions. Always read the fine print before ordering to ensure you are eligible for the deals and do support as much as you are able during these uneasy times! And don’t forget, many cideries who don’t sell online – and those who do too – still have open retail stores, so call ahead to see if they are open for your cider needs. @ontariocraftciderassociation @applefallscider @archibaldswinery @coffinridge @roodapples @countycider @crimsoncidercompany @farmgatecider @fieldingcider @frontroadcellars @hardwaycider @heartwoodcidery @hinterlandwine @kin_vineyards @kingsmillcider @lowreybros @revelcider @rosewoodwine @shinyapplecider @windsweptcider @westavenuecider . . . #OntCider #Cider #OntarioCraftCider #613Cider #adultbeverages #alcohol #TOCider #cidre #sidra #ONCider #CanadianCider #Ontario #GoodThingsGrowInOntario #glutenfree #glutenfreeontario #applecider #hardcider #craftcider #applewine #wine #drinks #happyhour #booze #pickcider #drinklocal #ciderlover

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Baked Caramel Apple Pie

Baked Caramel Apple Pie

Apple PieIngredients
4 parts apple cider (Recommended: Thornbury Cider)
1 shot Galliano vanilla liqueur
1 shot butterscotch liqueur
1/2 shot cinnamon whiskey
Optional: a cinnamon stick or a dash of cinnamon powder

More dry cider: Pommies Dry Cider
More crisp cider: Angry Orchard Hard Cider
More sweet cider: Brickworks Queen Street 501
Swap Galliano for Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka

If you are looking for a dessert in a glass, this is a stellar cocktail. A cider reminiscent of the pie your grandma makes for special occasions, it is a warming, very sweet concoction that has all the flavours you’d find in an apple pie – including the vanilla ice cream scoop on the side!

The Cherry Berry Orchard


The Cherry Berry Orchard

2 or 3 parts Cider (Recommended: A dry cider)
1 part Shock Top Raspberry Wheat Beer
1 shot cherry brandy (recommended: McGuinness Brand)

More crisp cider: Brickworks Batch 1904
More sweet cider: Magnotta Small Batch Cider
Any raspberry wheat beer


This beer-cider cocktail is perfect for a warm, sunny day. It is fizzy, foamy and very refreshing. Bursting with many different fruit flavours, its sweet, sour and fully delicious.