We at The Cider Crate have a strong policy about not asking cideries for free products. We know the challenges and small margins cider making can have and we want you to succeed. It is very much appreciated when you gift us cider however. We want to showcase as much cider from Ontario and Canada […]

Strawberry season is a mood of its own, but always too short of a season overall. With June promising juicy berries, we thought to shine some light on our favourite strawberry-forward ciders! Heritage Estate – Eden’s Apple Strawberry We aren’t sure how Heritage Estate got a strawberry shortcake in a can, but this cider is […]

Ah Spring… warming weather, cute animals and of course, the flowers are blooming all around! One of the more unique type of ingredients we’ve seen being added to ciders – especially lately – are flowers! We picked our top 5 floral infused ciders to celebrate the rebirth that Spring can bring. Duntoon Cyder House – […]

Spring always promises many new cider releases at the LCBO. Here are some of the most promising releases heading to shelves across Ontario soon (but you can buy most of these already from thier respective online + retail stores) If there are two trends we see, peach and rosé ciders will once again rule the […]

While hops are mainly associated with beer, dry-hopped ciders are increasingly growing in popularity. When infused into cider, they typically add fruity-like notes, such as lemon, citrus, lychee and more – but can also be bitter, floral and more. Dry hopping works well for both sweet and dry ciders, and everything in between. As Easter […]

Obviously these are uneasy times with the COVID-19 pandemic that will see every person and industry affected in varying ways, and our thoughts are with everyone during these challenging and unpredictable times. One of the main economic victims so far has been and will continue to be small businesses – many of which include your […]

Baked Caramel Apple Pie Ingredients 4 parts apple cider (Recommended: Thornbury Cider) 1 shot Galliano vanilla liqueur 1 shot butterscotch liqueur 1/2 shot cinnamon whiskey Ice Optional: a cinnamon stick or a dash of cinnamon powder Substitutions More dry cider: Pommies Dry Cider More crisp cider: Angry Orchard Hard Cider More sweet cider: Brickworks Queen […]

The Cherry Berry Orchard Ingredients 2 or 3 parts Cider (Recommended: A dry cider) 1 part Shock Top Raspberry Wheat Beer 1 shot cherry brandy (recommended: McGuinness Brand) Ice Substitutions More crisp cider: Brickworks Batch 1904 More sweet cider: Magnotta Small Batch Cider Any raspberry wheat beer   Description This beer-cider cocktail is perfect for […]