The Cider Crate Top 5 New Ciders We Tried Spring 2021

We try a lot of ciders here at The Cider Crate – so we want to give seasonal recognition to the top 5 we have every 3 months. In no particular order, here they are!


  1. Kings Mill – Russet Heritage
  2. FieldBird – Black Barred Charmat Perry
  3. Steel Town – Planet of the Pies
  4. Duntroon – Empire Extra Dry Cyder
  5. Loch Mór – Savvy Pomme

Kings Mill – Russet Heritage

If you want a down-to-earth, traditional apple cider that packs a lot of punch, the Russet Heritage by Kings Mill is for you. We think this would appeal from the new to the very experienced cider drinker as its approachable and clean but with a good depth and tannin level to satisfy. Smooth, juicy and crisp, its hard to believe only one variety of apple went into making this!

Tasting notes:

Buy it: Kings Mill Website

FieldBird – Black Barred Charmat Perry (2019)

FieldBird is quickly showing us they are the royalty of perry making here in Ontario and the Black Barred made with a variety of pears continues with this reign of excellency. Being very funky and sour, it is a bit more dank to start with the pears becoming more juicy and clean into the finish. The strong carbonation makes it more elevated too and seems to really help the pear flavours pop. One of the juiciest, most natural pear-forward offerings we’ve had.

Tasting notes:

Buy it: FieldBird Website

Steel Town – Planet of the Pies

Steel Town is a favourite of ours because they constantly deliver on well crafted, sour and funky cider experiences – something that hasn’t been done too much yet here in Ontario. Their Planet of the Pies is actually one of their most smooth and mellow offerings on this front, but is is still jammed pack with fruity flavour. It’s basically a strawberry milkshake in a bottle, having juicy, muddled strawberries, with a strong creamy vanilla finish. So dreamy and perfect for summer.

Tasting notes:

Buy it: Steel Town Website 

Duntroon – Empire Extra Dry Cyder

In a world of commercial cider offerings sometimes exceeding 75g/l of sugar added, Duntroon has stepped up with a 0g/l offering that doesn’t skimp on the flavour or intrigue. Bursting with crisp empire apples, this bright yet dry offering has a long lingering flavour profile and it deeply refreshes. Very clean, its nothing but the apple flavour in this one!

Tasting notes:

Buy it: LCBO & Duntroon Website

Loch Mór – Savvy Pomme

Our third single varietal cider to make the list, the Savvy Pomme by Loch Mór Cider is a delightful artisan cider that may surprise you with the taste! While made with a variety of pomme gris apples, it actually comes across as having a dry pineapple flavour! This cider is smooth and mostly dry, tannic but not gritty and sparkling but not too carbonated. Very balanced and elevated if you ask us.

Tasting notes:

Buy it: Loch Mór Website


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