Disclaimer About Gifts

We at The Cider Crate have a strong policy about not asking cideries for free products. We know the challenges and small margins cider making can have and we want you to succeed. It is very much appreciated when you gift us cider however. We want to showcase as much cider from Ontario and Canada as possible.

When gifting a product, we promise to:

-Do at least 1 post on social media about your product. At a minimum neutral comments about the taste and context of the cider, if not also positive comments if we truly enjoyed the product.

-Do a descriptive review of your products for our website. We will only feature a single brand once every 2 weeks approximately and we try to only post product reviews that are available to the public at the time of posting.


The Cider Crate reserves the right to put ‘gifted product’ or ‘paid promotion’ depending on the context of your gift.


We try to return the favour and purchase more of your products at a later date – in particular if you have new varieties. 


Sometimes The Cider Crate is offered gifts that ultimately do not arrive to us. We appreciate tracking numbers for products sent when possible. The Cider Crate typically does not follow up with cideries when their product does not arrive in the case of a changed mind/circumstances to avoid making cideries feel pressured. If you are curious if your product has arrived to us, reach back out to us. If it does arrive to us, you will see it with yourself tagged on social media shortly afterwards.


While we do purchase as much cider as our budget can afford, we typically only purchase ciders online if there are at least 3 new varieties we have not covered yet – particularly as shipping can be expensive, so we cannot purchase every single new release as we wish we could. The Cider Crate does not receive profits for the website, so all related costs (including website hosting, advertising etc.) come out of our own personal bank accounts.

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