Our Top 5 Strawberry-Forward Ciders for Spring 2021

Strawberry season is a mood of its own, but always too short of a season overall. With June promising juicy berries, we thought to shine some light on our favourite strawberry-forward ciders!

Heritage Estate – Eden’s Apple Strawberry

We aren’t sure how Heritage Estate got a strawberry shortcake in a can, but this cider is a creamy and dreamy treat! With sweet strawberries and delightful creamy vanilla notes, its incredibly smooth and goes down a bit too quick. The apple notes are slightly crisp, but the strawberry is the true star here.

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/heritage-estate-edens-apple-strawberry/

Buy it: LCBO & Heritage Estates Retail

Heeman’s – Berry Blush Cider

One sip of this and it will transport you to spring, no matter the season you are in! With a hint of tart raspberry, the Berry Blush is mostly a strawberry focused experience to us, with the fruit being very balanced and prominent throughout the flavour journey.

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/heeman-berryblush/

Buy it: Heeman’s Retail Store

Kings Mill – Strawberry Rhubarb

Kings Mill loves to use ingredients grown in their garden so the produce is always fresh and responsibly grown. This is again true with their Strawberry Rhubarb cider that is labeled as a ‘live’ cider so keep it cold to maintain it at its best before consuming. A very fun cider, its balanced, light and with creamy strawberries and a hint of tartness from the rhubarb. Summer in a glass? Yes, please!

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/kings-mill-strawberry-rhubarb/

Buy it: Kings Mill Retail Store

Reinhart’s – Strawberry Hibiscus

A ingredient that screams spring to us is hibiscus. The hibiscus is nicely paired with the strawberry here, with the sweet and the tangy elements being rather complimentary to one another. As well, the strawberries taste a bit muddled and thick, making this stand out from other offerings. Overall, Reinhart’s made a very approachable cider perfect for carefree sunny sipping.

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/reinharts-strawberry-hibiscus/

Buy it: LCBO

Archibalds – Strawberry Lime

Archibald’s is bringing the strawberry juiciness with this dessert-focused cider! Great on its own or after a meal as a sweet treat, it delivers on the promised strawberry and lime titular flavours. The strawberries taste incredibly fresh like they were just picked and pressed today! The lime adds a nice tang at the finish to help define and add layers to the cider. A true treat for those with sweet teeth!

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/archibalds-strawberry-lime/

Buy it: Archibald’s Retail Store 

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