Time for a festive cocktail! 🥂 🎄The Gingerbread Jingle 🎄 This one is for the ginger and spice fans. Ingredients ⭐️ ice & spiced bitters (we used @tsdistillers all-spice) ⭐️ Ginger beer (here we used @fevertreecanada) ⭐️ a dry apple cider (@hardwaycider’s Renegade is an excellent choice for this) ⭐️ @drinkwillibald Gingerbread Gin (available at @lcbo) Directions 1. P

Warning: this one is strong! 🍍🍍The Tepeche🍍🍍 inspired from the excellent – and many times home brewed – Mexican drink, this cocktail is nicely spiced and very fruit forward. ⭐️2-3 cubes of ice. ⭐️.5 shot of @captainmorganca Pineapple Rum ⭐️1-1.5 shot of a spiced rum (we also used the @captainmorganca one) ⭐️1/2 can of straight apple cider – we [&he

Ah, summer! The time of the year to go sit outside and enjoy a nice pleasant cold drink, with plenty of subtle flavours. Now, usually, I prefer sipping either sangria or a good semi-dry cider in my garden, so I figured, why not combine them both? With the nice tartness of the cider and the […]

The perfect Summer Cider cocktail that will refresh you to the core: The Rood Mojito Drinker Ingredients 1 oz of Kettle One Botanical Cucumber Mint Vodka 1/2 can of Rood Apples (adjust to your preference) Juice of a quarter of a lime Muddled mint. Substitutions Ice (if you like it, in your cider) Change the […]

With a new offering from Crown Royal, we figured it might be good to pair it with a cider, and we were right!  Simple but tasty Ingredients Crown Royal Salted Caramel 1.5 oz Pommies Cider 250ml Substitutions Salt (Add a bit more umpf to it) Ice (if you like it, in your cider) Change the […]

Longing for the spring?  Can’t take it anymore (Kinda like Sterling, the Cider Corgi here)  Well, how about something that has the taste of a Canadian Spring, Maple Sugar! Ingredients Desaranto 1.5 oz Calvados 1 oz Thornbury spiced Cider 250ml Cinnamon spice stick Substitutions Fireball (to give it more kick, replace the Calvados or Desaranto) […]

Baked Caramel Apple Pie Ingredients 4 parts apple cider (Recommended: Thornbury Cider) 1 shot Galliano vanilla liqueur 1 shot butterscotch liqueur 1/2 shot cinnamon whiskey Ice Optional: a cinnamon stick or a dash of cinnamon powder Substitutions More dry cider: Pommies Dry Cider More crisp cider: Angry Orchard Hard Cider More sweet cider: Brickworks Queen […]

The Cherry Berry Orchard Ingredients 2 or 3 parts Cider (Recommended: A dry cider) 1 part Shock Top Raspberry Wheat Beer 1 shot cherry brandy (recommended: McGuinness Brand) Ice Substitutions More crisp cider: Brickworks Batch 1904 More sweet cider: Magnotta Small Batch Cider Any raspberry wheat beer   Description This beer-cider cocktail is perfect for […]