Below are a list of industry services that The Cider Crate offers, Please contact us if you are interested in learning more

Last updated – August 24 2020

Ontario Business Number: 290245836
AGCO Manufacturers Representation License Number: LRM1132006


We are thrilled to have our AGCO Rep license, meaning we can sell cider to licencees (Bars, Restaurants, LCBO, etc). and are working with a few quality cider producers.  If you are interested in these offerings, please reach out.

Currently representing:

Event Planning

We offer several forms of event assistance
a) We run your brand’s event table, serving only your brand if you are unable to attend an event in Ottawa + surrounding area, or at a large event in Ontario.
b) You provide 1 or more of your products to be apart of The Cider Crate Bar – a multi-brand bar that focuses on Ontario ciders at events or showcases.
c) We help you pour at an event if you short-staffed (as independent contractors).
d) We can pour for you at the LCBO or Grocery Stores.
e) We help you find Ottawa-area events/festivals to be apart of. Whether we help you serve or not is your decision.
f) You collaborate with us for a cider-focused event, such as a tap-takeover, a guided cider sampling, serving or hosting private events with hard-to-get and unique ciders, industry sampling, etc.
g) We help get you into bars, pubs and restaurants.

*Bethany can offer assistance at events that may be ladies-only based.

How it works:

  • Let us know what option you may be interested in.
  • We will negotiate a fair deal, either for the direct purchase of your product and/or a fee for our time and services. (You can sign to be a part of our portfolio)
  • You ship us the product and any applicable marketing materials if you cannot physically be at the event.
  • We can do pre and post-marketing, event set-up/take down, and serve (We are Smart Served certified).

Contact barry@thecidercrate.com for more information, please give at least 1 month notice for any event.  Based on the availability of Barry and Bethany.

Festival Coverage

Need some extra press for your event?  We can help pre, during and post-event with:

  • Social media,
  • Blog posts,
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Ticket sales support

As well as on-site services such as:

  • Helping for setup/take down
  • Overall management
  • In-event entertainment (DJing, cider 101 demonstrations, discussions on cider, etc.)


Completing reviews are one of the main things we do. We never ask for free cider, and will always offer to pay for it.

However, if you want to send us for something to have a sample and possibly review (an objective review of tasting notes and such, not whether it was ‘good’ or not). We focus on Ontario Ciders – but we also do review Canada-wide and International ciders. Contact bethany@thecidercrate.com for information.

Design, Marketing, Analytics and Advice

Although we are not manufactures, we have sampled and drank over 800 ciders since 2015 (December 2019).  We are happy to try to provide any ideas or assistance around design, marketing and general cider advice.  We try to offer this at no fee, unless you would like us to complete specific, detailed work.

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