Our Rating System:

Each drink is sampled and rated according to the same standards as all other ciders are within this website.  The hosts come to consensus on the ratings made for each cider, so that there is a general understanding that the results are agreed upon and standardized.

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For each cider sampled:

Method: (As modified from typical wine sampling)

Before we sample, we always clear our palate by having a small 6 oz glass of cold (not ice, not room temperature) water. We do not consume food or other drinks at least 15 minutes in advance of any sampling. If sampling from a can or bottle, the cider is split between the two to make sure the same batch is sampled.  We never complete two reviews within 2 hours of each other, and are always in a sober mindset. Bar reviews are always done sober, but are not as detailed due to the lack of availability of information.

  1. Examine the container:
    1) it says it is a cider 2) that it is not expired (always check the date) and 3) does it give you an expectation of what is to come? 4) How was this beverage acquired?
  2. Sniff + examine the beverage
    Pour the beverage slowly into the glass and examine the carbonation and foam levels, if applicable. Observe the colour of the cider and compare to others. Slowly smell the cider a few times to see what aromas emerge.
  3. Consume:
    Drink the first few sips slowly to grasp the various flavours and sensations in the cider. Discussion around the elements of the cider are elaborated on, including how sweet, sour, dry, crisp and fruity it is; as well as what other ciders are similar in nature.  These are rated on a 1-5 scale, with 1 being “not at all…..” and 5 being “extremely…..”. From there, drink normally.  Just be sure to consume before it gets too warm, or it gets too watered down if sampled on ice.



Updated: April 3 2016