Apple Drink Profile: Name: Unibroue – Ephemere Apple Sampled: December 2017 Brand: Unibroue (Sapporo) Type: Apple Beer Location of Brewing: Chamble, Quebec ABV: 5.5% Website Link: Ingredients: Unknown Gluten Free: No Sugar Content: UnknownSize(s) available: 355mL Bottle Availability: LCBO Unibroue Mixpack 2017 Flavour:  Apple Colour: Cloudy aprocot-yellow Carbonation: Small, streaming bubbles.  Foam for head. […]

Apple Drink Profile: Name:  Nickel Brook – Green Apple Beer Sampled October 2017 Brand: Nickel Brook Brewery Type: Apple Beer Location of Brewing: Toronto, ON ABV: 6.2% Website Link: Ingredients: Spring Water, Malted Barley, Apple Juice, Liquid Sugar, Hops, Lemon Juice, Yeast, Citric Acid, Sorbic Acid Gluten Free: No Sugar Content: Unknown Size(s) available: […]

Apple Drink Profile: Name:  Bud Light – Apple Sampled April 2017 Brand:  Bud Light Type: Apple Light Beer Location of Brewing: London, Ontario ABV: 4% Website Link: Ingredients: Light beer, Water, Glucos-Fructose, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, natural Apple flavours Gluten Free: No Sugar Content: Low/Zero Size(s) available:  473ml Can Availability: Beer Store, Various grocery […]