Spring 2021 LCBO Cider Releases to Look For

Spring always promises many new cider releases at the LCBO. Here are some of the most promising releases heading to shelves across Ontario soon (but you can buy most of these already from thier respective online + retail stores)

If there are two trends we see, peach and rosé ciders will once again rule the summer!

Ernest – Rosé Cider Spritzer

Via Ernestcider.com: We refer to this new cider as our ‘guiltless pleasure’. Our NEW Rosé Light Cider Spritzer is handcrafted with our dry cider, a splash of local cranberry and cherry juice, sparkling water and a kiss of Niagara Cab Franc Rosé wine with no added sugar or honey. This cider is perfect for anyone watching their sugar intake. We consider this a ‘bone dry’ cider as it has less than 5 g of sugar per litre (naturally derived from pure cranberry and tart cherry fruit juices). With only 4% alcohol per can, Ernest Rosé Light Cider Spritzer is sessionable, easy-drinking and very refreshing!

Buy it now: https://www.ernestcider.com/

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/ernest-rose-cider-spritzer/

Stock & Row – Slow & Low Dry Cider

Via stockandrow.com: Our flagship dry cider, made from 100% Ontario apples is crisp, fresh and sessionable! With only 5g of sugar per can, it’s as clean as they come. Orchard fruit and mineral flavours combine with brisk acidity for a purely refreshing every day drink.

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/stock-row-slow-low/

Buy it now: https://stockandrow.com/

Seagrams – White Peach Cider

Via waterloobrewing.com: All-natural and 100% gluten-free, this lip-smacking cider tastes of sweet fuzzy peach, with a crisp, dry finish. May inspire visions of strolling through an orchard or lazing on a porch knowing you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

Buy it now: https://waterloobrewing.com/collections/all

No Boats on Sunday – Peach

via The Wine Shop: This juicy Peach flavoured cider is made with carefully selected apples sourced from southern Ontario Orchards. The refreshing mouthfeel has plenty of peach and sweet apple flavours. Enjoy Chilled.

Buy it now: https://www.thewineshops.com/

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/no-boats-on-sunday-peach/

KW Craft – Wild Cherry Cider

Via kwcraftcider.com: Our bold WILD CHERRY is made with premium fruit sourced from the renowned Niagara region of Ontario.  It pours a beautiful amber colour with a fresh fruity taste and crisp cherry finish.

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/kw-craft-wild-cherry/

Buy it now: https://kwcraftcider.com/

Collective Arts – Cranberry Blood Orange Cider

Via collectiveartsontario.com: The combination of tart and sweet combine beautifully in our new limited release cider. The nose is of fragrant candied blood orange with a slight apple twist. Tart cranberries shine on the palette, making the cider dry and refreshing.

Buy it now: https://collectiveartsontario.com/

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/collective-arts-blood-orange-cranberry/

Lost Craft – Dry Rosé Cider

Via lostcraft.ca: Our English inspired Apple Cider is made in small batches entirely from apples grown in Ontario . Our cider is tart with a subtle sweetness than blends for a refreshing honey crisp apple like finish. Our Apple Cider pairs well with creamy pastas, mild curries, and roasted meats.

Buy it now: https://lostcraft.ca/collections/beer-cider

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/lost-craft-dry-rose/

Liberty Village – Peach

Via Liberty Village PR: Liberty Village Cider is excited to announce their brand new flavour, Peach! The extra dry taste you love, now with a punch of Peach. Liberty Village Ciders have no sugar and are also crisp, refreshing, and local. Could you ask for more?! The Liberty Village Peach Cider is coming to the LCBO in May.

Duntroon Cider House – Empire Extra Dry Cyder

via duntrooncyderhouse.com: Empire is an all-natural extra dry cyder that is completely dry, light, clean and pleasantly refreshing. The cyder is polish filtered giving you light straw colour and light appley notes with a fine pétillante carbonation and smooth satisfying dry finish. The cyder is produced from our Empire heritage apples and aged for over 6 months to produce a balanced acidity for enjoyable freshness. This cyder is amazingly refreshing and clean and made for sharing and connecting you and yours with the natural beauty of our environment, earth, mind and body. 5.5% abv. 0 grams sugar, 1 gram carbs and 186 calories per 473ml can

Buy it now: duntrooncyderhouse.com

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/duntroon-empire-extra-dry/

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