Our Top 5 Floral Infused Ciders for Spring 2021

Ah Spring… warming weather, cute animals and of course, the flowers are blooming all around! One of the more unique type of ingredients we’ve seen being added to ciders – especially lately – are flowers! We picked our top 5 floral infused ciders to celebrate the rebirth that Spring can bring.

Duntoon Cyder House – Sumac

Sumac is a very common flavouring ingredient in Middle Eastern food but it hasn’t really made it much to North America in food or cider yet. With Duntroon’s Sumac, you are introduced to this flavour and flowering plant in a thoughtful and brilliant manner. Very dry, it has a unique lemony forwardness to it, with touches of tannins and floral notes that intrigue and satisfy. Bonus points for the sumac originating on the Duntroon Estate as well.

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/duntroon-sumac/

Buy it: https://my-site-102138-100343.square.site/product/sumac/207?cp=true&sa=true&sbp=false&q=false

Grey & Gold – Wildflower

Made with organic chamomile, wild chamomile and other wildflowers foraged at the Grey & Gold estate, this is a very mellow and chilled cider – maybe one to drink right before bed to get the calming effects of chamomile! It’s a very smooth cider overall and the softest cider we’ve had from Grey & Gold so far. A great and unique offering!

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/grey-gold-wildflower/

Buy it: https://greyandgoldcider.com/products/

Clafeld – Rose Hip

One of the more original floral offerings here in Ontario, Clafeld’s Rose Hip has been a staple offering of theirs for a few years now. With a bouquet of rose and rose hips flavours, its a rather dry offering, as it is also has some wine infused into it as well. Its a sort of romantic cider if you ask us!

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/clafeld-rose-hip/

Buy it: https://www.waupooswinery.com/product/rose-hip/

Crimson – Lavender Buds

There is just something about lavender that can put you in a good mood. This is exactly what its like to drink the Lavender Buds by Crimson Cider. Made with locally sourced lavender, the Crimson team did not skimp out on this ingredient when they made this cider. Bold and unapologetic, you definitely have to be a lavender fan to enjoy this, but if you are, its going to become a mild obsession.

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/crimson-cider-lavender-buds/

Buy it: https://www.crimsoncidercompany.com/shop-1

Thornbury – Blueberry Elderflower

This one has developed a bit of a cult following and we see why! A creamy blend of blueberries with a soft but natural elderflower taste make for easy springtime consumption. It recently made its return back to the LCBO after a bit of a hiatus so grab it quick if you see it!

Our review: https://staging2.thecidercrate.com/cider-type/thornbury-blueberry-elderflower-apple-cider/

Buy it: https://thornburycraft.com/shop-cider/


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