Who we are:

The Cider Crate is Bethany, a young-ish woman currently located in Ottawa, Ontario, who has a passion for cider. Bethany is originally from Kitchener-Waterloo and has an educational background in global studies and political science. She has worked in politics since 2014, in various roles. Myself and my partner, Barry, current director of Cider Canada / Cidre Canada started this website as nobody at the time was talking about Ontario Craft Cider. Barry has since left The Cider Crate to focus on the association work.

Sending cider to us:

We love to do reviews, but will never ask for a free product.  We understand the challenges many cideries have in making a sustainable business and we are happy to support by purchasing your product.  However, If a cidery is interested in sending something, we are thrilled to include your content on our site and you can contact us to arrange access to your cider or apple product.

Who is Sterling?

Sterling is our pup, and we call him the Cider Corgi.  He never (EVER) consumes alcohol but helps promote the cider awareness campaign. You can follow his adventures on Instagram, and why wouldn’t you?


Proud Friend of the OCCA
Ontario Business Number: 290245836