Obviously these are uneasy times with the COVID-19 pandemic that will see every person and industry affected in varying ways, and our thoughts are with everyone during these challenging and unpredictable times. One of the main economic victims so far has been and will continue to be small businesses – many of which include your […]

Warning: this one is strong! 🍍🍍The Tepeche🍍🍍 inspired from the excellent – and many times home brewed – Mexican drink, this cocktail is nicely spiced and very fruit forward. ⭐️2-3 cubes of ice. ⭐️.5 shot of @captainmorganca Pineapple Rum ⭐️1-1.5 shot of a spiced rum (we also used the @captainmorganca one) ⭐️1/2 can of straight apple cider – we [&he