Apple-Drink Profile: Name: Les Vergers Villeneuve – Apple Wine Sampled November 2019 Brand:  Les Vergers Villeneuve & Blueberry Farm Type: Apple Wine Location of Brewing: St.-Pascal Baylon, ON ABV: 11.2% Website Link: vergersvilleneuve.com Ingredients: N/A Gluten Free: N/A Sugar Content: N/A Size(s) available: 750ml glass bottle Availability: Via winery & at Ottawa Lansdown Market (2019) […]

Like a growing number of Ontarians, you may regularly enjoy a crisp craft cider from a local producer. But what you may not realize is you’re drinking a product that represents a notable slice of the provincial economy and, increasingly, a valuable export outside of Canada. Craft cider in Ontario The economic contribution of cider […]

Uncultivated: Wild Apples, Real Cider, and the Complicated Art of Making a Living by Andy Brennan Chelsea Green Publishing, June 2019 9781603588447 275pp Main Subjects: Personal Memoir – American Agriculture – Wild Orchards & Cider Making Audience: Mainly US-based; Potential Cidermakers; Potential small farm owners; those interested in pre-Modern farming and food connections. Read and […]

The 5th edition of the Toronto Cider Festival brought with it a few lovely days to sample over 30 cideries from across Ontario, Canada and France!  We were lucky enough to start the weekend off early at Her Fathers Cider Bar, joined by Niagara, Duntroon and returning, Duxbury Cider for a meet the maker and […]

For our second extended tour, we are taking on the Niagara Region.  Fortune led us to the area for a wedding, so its possible to do the whole tour in a single day, however, it would be unwise to try to push it.  Enjoy our trip along the photos and interviews, as available.   Map […]

Ah, summer! The time of the year to go sit outside and enjoy a nice pleasant cold drink, with plenty of subtle flavours. Now, usually, I prefer sipping either sangria or a good semi-dry cider in my garden, so I figured, why not combine them both? With the nice tartness of the cider and the […]

The numbers! 5 Years  —  35 Cideries — 100+ Ciders — 3 Sessions  We are excited to come back to the Sherbourn Commons for the 5th anniversary of the largest cider festival in Canada, the legendary Toronto Cider Festival.  We will be doing photos, reviews, podcasts and social media updates all weekend long (We already […]

The perfect Summer Cider cocktail that will refresh you to the core: The Rood Mojito Drinker Ingredients 1 oz of Kettle One Botanical Cucumber Mint Vodka 1/2 can of Rood Apples (adjust to your preference) Juice of a quarter of a lime Muddled mint. Substitutions Ice (if you like it, in your cider) Change the […]

Cider Profile: Name:   Archibald’s – Spiced Winter Apple Wine Sampled February 2019 Brand:  Archibald’s Estate Winery Type: Apple Wine Location of Brewing: Bownmanville, ON ABV: 11.6% Website Link: archibaldswinery.com Ingredients: NA Gluten Free: Yes Sugar Content: Unknown Size(s) available: 375ml glass bottle Availability: Archibald’s Estate Winery On-Site Shop Flavour: Apple Colour:  Rusty brown-ale colour Carbonation: […]

Other Apple Drink: Name: Pomme D’Or Sampled March 2019 Brand:  Grand Pre Wines Type: Liquor Location of Brewing: Grand Pre, Nova Scotia ABV: 17% Website Link: grandprewines.com Ingredients: Cream, sugar, alcohol, Pomme D’Or, water, milk protein, natural flavour, colour, sodium citrate, sodium hydroxide. Gluten Free: Unknown Sugar Content: Unknown Size(s) available: 500ml bottle Availability: Nova […]

With a new offering from Crown Royal, we figured it might be good to pair it with a cider, and we were right!  Simple but tasty Ingredients Crown Royal Salted Caramel 1.5 oz Pommies Cider 250ml Substitutions Salt (Add a bit more umpf to it) Ice (if you like it, in your cider) Change the […]

So as we come to the end of 2018 and are third full year in operation, we are happy to look back on some of the best ciders we had the past year and our favourite locales to enjoy them!  Have a look and we hope you tried a few yourself!  We sampled over 200 […]

Non-Alcoholic Cider Profile: Name:  Spirit Tree – Sparkling Pear Cider Sampled November 2018 Brand:  Spirit Tree Type: Pear Location of Brewing: Caledon, ON ABV: 0% Website Link: spirittreecider.com Ingredients: Carbonated Pear Juice, malic acid, ascorbic acid, potassium sorbate. Gluten Free: yes Sugar Content: UnknownSize(s) available: 750ml, 355ml Glass Bottle Availability: Spirit Tree Estate, various country […]

We had an amazing time over two days at this year’s Toronto Cider Festival.  You can catch the photos and the Podcast here.  Below are a few highlights as we head off to Spain and Portugal for a bit of cider out that way.  Thanks once again to Shalini, Chris, The Event Professor, and all […]