Nickel Brook – Green Apple Beer

Apple Drink Profile:

Name:  Nickel Brook – Green Apple Beer
Sampled October 2017

Brand: Nickel Brook Brewery
Apple Beer
Location of Brewing: Toronto, ON
ABV: 6.2%
Website Link: nickelbrook.com
Ingredients: Spring Water, Malted Barley, Apple Juice, Liquid Sugar, Hops, Lemon Juice, Yeast, Citric Acid, Sorbic Acid
Gluten Free: No
Sugar Content: Unknown

Size(s) available: 473ml Can
Mostly clear, sunflower yellow
Small  but frequently streaming bubbles, foam on top


Cider Crate Tasting Notes:
Very strong sour apple smell, pungent on the nose, almost like sniffing a carbonated soda.
Initial Taste: Mild bite, smooth creamy single apple taste with hints of yeast.
After Taste: Yeast flavour overtakes the apple, to become more like a light lager beer then a cider that has beer taste to it.  Extra smooth finish with a semi-sweet long-lingering aftertaste
On ice: Not done on ice.

Additional Notes: The Nickel Brook Green Apple offers a nice, light creamy tasting beer that has hints of a sweet fleshy apple taste but not overly sugary.  Think a wheat beer mixed with a cider, that is extra smooth.

Rated on a scale of 1-5
Sweet – 3.5
Sour – 1.5
Crisp – 2
Dry – 2
Fruity – 3.5

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