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FieldBird  – Buzzing Chatter (2017)

FieldBird  – Buzzing Chatter (2017)

Cider Profile:

Name:  FieldBird  – (2017) Buzzing Chatter
Sampled November 2018

Brand: FieldBird Cider
Apple – Still
Location of Brewing:
Wellington, ON
Website Link:
Experimental variety apples, Ambrosia, Northern Spy, sulphites
Gluten Free:
Sugar Content: N/A

Size(s) available: 750mL (bottle)
At Keint-He Winery and Vineyards and Online
Bright, sunflower yellow


Cider Crate Tasting Notes:

Smell: Strong musty and aged apple. Acidic, earthy with some bitterness
Initial Taste: No bite. Quick acidity and tartness. Semi-sour crisp apples – as well as tangy apple – flavour. Some bitterness and mustiness. Wood notes.
After Taste: Flavour remains and lingers, mainly the same. Wine-like elements. Semi-dry finish.
On ice: Similar taste. Becomes thinner with reduced acidity.

Additional Notes: Buzzing Chatter Still Cider from FieldBird is a sophisticated , mature offering that has many wine-like elements, obviously as the result of being made at a winery. Being a very tart cider, the acidity drives it from start to finish, being similar level to a fresh-pressed citrus juice. With a singular flavour journey from start to finish, the fact the cider is still really allows you to understand the elements of the cider, without carbonation to distract. Musty, earthy, woody and slightly bitter, it is clear this is an aged, cellar-based beverage. A  very grown-up apple juice in essence.

Rated on a scale of 1-5
Sweet – 3.5
Sour – 3.5
Crisp – 4.5
Dry – 4
Fruity – 4.5

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