Ernest – Winter’s Blush

Cider Profile:

Name: Ernest – Winter’s Blush
Sampled November 2017 (Confirmed January 2022)

Brand:  Ernest Cider Co Ltd.
Apple Mulled
Location of Brewing:
Newmarket, On
Website Link:
Apples, cranberries, honey, organic sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, orange peels, natural flavours, sulphites
Gluten Free:
Sugar Content: N/ASize(s) available: 473mL (can)
Limited – only available in the 2017 Ernest Seasonal mixpack
Cranberries, orange, mulled spices
Pink-orange, translucent
Small, semi-frequent streaming bubbles, no foam. Similar on ice.

Cider Crate Tasting Notes:

Smell: Medium to strong funk, mulled, spice aroma with tart cranberry notes. Hints of orange notes.
Initial Taste: Mild bite but smooth. A quick, strong sensation of mulled spices – especially clove. Mild tart cranberry notes
After Taste: Orange flavour appears, with the spices continuing to build on the palate. Cranberry flavour diminishes.  Lingers a long time in the back of the mouth.  Bitter notes from cloves remain.
On ice: Less carbonation. Reduced flavour intensity but similar in taste and composure.

Additional Notes:  Ernest’s Winter Blush Cider is a unique drink that looks more like a rose wine but it tastes more like a red wine mulled drink. This blush cider has a think, strong spice taste to it with light hints of cranberry and apples.  A strong cloves presence – and other spices – make this mulled drink perfect for a winter night.

Rated on a scale of 1-5
Sweet – 2.5
Sour – 3.5
Crisp – 3.5
Dry – 2.5
Fruity – 3.5

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