Cowbell – Peach Cider

Cider Profile:

Name: Cowbell – Peach Cider
Sampled November 2021

Brand: Cowbell Brewing
Type: Flavoured – Peach
Location of Brewing: Blyth, ON
ABV: 5.0%
Website Link: cowbellbrewing.com
Ingredients: N/A
Gluten Free: Yes
Sugar Content: N/A

Size(s) available: 473ml (can)
Availability: Cowbell Brewery Retail and online Store
Flavour: Peach
Colour: Cloudy, light rusty orange/peach
Carbonation: Minimal, infrequent bubbles

Cider Crate Tasting Notes:

Smell: Strong aroma. Sweet and juicy candied peach.
Initial Taste: Minimal bite but semi-tingly.  Strong smooth and creamy peach. A lot of peach pulp. Slight sweet apple.
After Taste: Remains peach focused. Quick aftertaste that does not linger long, except a few peach pit elements.
On ice: Much flatter and even more juice like without the carbonation.

Additional Notes:  Cowbell Brewing’s Peach Cider would be familiar to Ontario drinkers as its a very similar peach juice drink (with hints of apple) you probably had as a child. Semi-sweet and very peach forward, it has a hint of dessert apples and does not linger overly long.  Very little alcoholic notes in this 5% cider, and very juice forward.

Rated on a scale of 1-5
Sweet – 4
Sour – 3
Crisp – 1.5
Dry – 2
Fruity – 4

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