The Gingerbread Jingle

Time for a festive cocktail! 🥂

🎄The Gingerbread Jingle 🎄

This one is for the ginger and spice fans.

⭐️ ice & spiced bitters (we used @tsdistillers all-spice)
⭐️ Ginger beer (here we used @fevertreecanada)
⭐️ a dry apple cider (@hardwaycider’s Renegade is an excellent choice for this)
⭐️ @drinkwillibald Gingerbread Gin (available at @lcbo)

1. Put as much ice as you wish in the glass
2. A few dashes of bitters to your preference
3. 1.5-2 oz of the Gingerbread Gin
4. Add 100ml of ginger beer
5. Top close to the rim with cider
6. Stir and enjoy

Description:  Leans very gingery but it’s very warming at the same time. Gingerbread cookies optional but a highly recommended pairing.

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