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Revel Cider – Lemon Meringue [Baker Street Station – Guelph ON]

Revel Cider – Lemon Meringue [Baker Street Station – Guelph ON]

Bar Review: Revel –  Lemon Meringue at Baker Street Station in Guelph
Sampled: October 2016

A Royal City favourite of ours, Baker Street Pub located in Guelph, Ontario, usually features two rotating taps of cider – typically between the wonderful Revel, West Ave and Shiny brands.

Guelph-originating, Revel Cider, once again brings a unique taste to a cider with one their newest offerings, the dessert-inspiredimg_20161009_141424-300 Lemon Meringue Cider. In the glass, it is a cloudy yellow, with some small bubbles visible and some foam on the top; but overall mostly still in composure. It has a medium smell of lemon, with hints of musty apples and general citrus aromas.

As you first taste it, this 7.5% ABV beverage has a medium to strong sour bite, with the carbonation causing a tickling sensation on the tongue. The initial flavours are sour, musty and slightly malty with an abundance of citrus notes detected. The flavour becomes more candied and sweet after a few moments, with vanilla notes developing from the meringue. It has a tart, tangy and smooth finish with the cider being a quite crisp offering overall.

This Revel cider would best be consumed as desert drink – especially if you are trying to avoid a piece of pie after a large meal. It is sweet but not sugary.  We also believe this would go great with a fish dinner, with the lemon complimenting those flavours. It is a very enjoyable cider overall – slightly different from other Revel offerings, but no doubt a part of the Revel family of unique and compelling flavours.

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