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KW Craft Cider – Raspberry Cider [WVRST, Toronto]

KW Craft Cider – Raspberry Cider [WVRST, Toronto]

Bar Review: KW Craft Cider – Raspberry Cider @ WVRST, Toronto, ON
July 2016

WVRST is a magical place in Toronto where its like Oktoberfest 365 days of the year – with dozens of varieties of sausages, tons of rotating craft beverage taps and long communal tables, you can experience a bit of Germany at anytime you want. Located on King Street West, WRVST has been a champion of craft beers and ciders since it opened– with a recent increased focus on the latter drink. In May they were a prime venue for Ontario Craft Cider week; as well as creating a collaboration cider with West Ave called Communal 2, that we raspberrykw1look forward to trying next visit. They also recently increased their number of dedicated cider taps, and now offer cider flights that can be a completely different experience every time you go in.

The selection of ciders the day we went to WVRST on a sunny Monday afternoon was great as always, but one we were really excited to try was the new KW Craft Raspberry Cider. Having been a long time fan of KW Craft, we knew we were in for a treat. This cider is a rich red colour with a somewhat quite cloudy appearance. There is some medium-level carbonation bubbles and a bit of mild foam at the top. The raspberry cider smells very fruity as one would suspect, with some slight musty aromas mixed in.

There is a strong tart raspberry bite when you initially sip the cider – with some minor pear flavours also evident. The cider is quite crisp, with some acidity and tingling evident.
As the flavour progresses into the aftertaste, this is really where the raspberry flavour shines, with the cider becoming sweeter and overall smoother. While the taste is not long lingering, it does end on a very refreshing note, with a crisp, sweet finish.

KW Craft Raspberry Cider does justice to the title fruit, as the cider is sweet, sour and full of flavour, like eating the actual berry. The cider is less dry than some of the company’s other offerings, but still has the unique charm of all the other KW Craft Cider’s we’ve tasted. With a wurstvery powerful flavour, KW Craft Raspberry is a wonderfully refreshing choice to beat the heat this humid summer.

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