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KW Craft – Hot Ginger Cider [B@TheMuseum]

KW Craft – Hot Ginger Cider [B@TheMuseum]

Bar Review: KW Craft Hot Ginger Cider – B@TheMuseum [Kitchener]
Sampled on: March, 2016

B_LogoOne of the key attractions Downtown Kitchener is The Museum – a place that showcases scientific and historical exhibits and activities to children and adults alike. Attached to the front of The Museum is a lovely restaurant and bar called B@TheMuseum – a cozy establishment that takes you away from the hustle of downtown with wooden and rustic features – complete with screens that show burning fireplaces. It has many unique modern food offerings, a very welcoming staff and has a strong emphasis on Ontario craft beverages. One of those craft beverages they always have on tap is local KW Craft Cider – a newer cider company that can be found in many places around Kitchener-Waterloo, Southwest Ontario, Toronto and beyond.Museum1

KW Craft Cider has been a favourite of ours for a while. Not only have they produced a delicious core cider (that was recently released in select LCBO stores), they have also become very creative with their limited edition ciders. This past winter, they offered both Winter Spice and Cranberry creations, which we are very sad we never got the opportunity to try (but hopefully next year!). However, we were fortunate enough to try their newest creation for the season, the Hot Ginger Cider, on the first day it was tapped here.

KWGinger500Now this Hot Ginger Cider is quite the unique creation… most people have probably heard of Ginger Beer, but not a Ginger Cider. The cider is a very golden colour, with a bit of foam and ton of carbonation fizzing away. It has a faint apple smell with the ginger aromas that take over the senses. The initial taste has a very earthy and raw ginger flavour, with some bitter notes. Then the spiciness kicks in, with notes of turmeric and coriander emerging. While these spices tingle the tongue and the back of the throat for a bit, a sweeter ginger flavour develops in the aftertaste. The cider has a smooth ginger ale-like finish with some citrus flavours and softer spice notes – reminiscent of cardamom and cinnamon – emerging.


This cider is for any cider lover; even two people like us who do not enjoy spicy foods. It is powerful but still tame enough to be a relaxing cider-drinking experience. While this cider was impressive enough, it was when we asked the restaurant manager if they knew what types of spices were in the cider, they went above and beyond,  calling KW Craft Cider on the Easter Sunday to ask what was in it for us. Despite all of the various range spices we perceived in this cider, it was only made with Thai green chilies and ginger.  A great cider is lovely, but when there is also wonderful customer service offered – from both B@TheMuseum and KW Craft Cider – it adds so much more to the experience. We will be proud to support both of these establishments again in the future; especially if KW Craft has more unique cider flavours to be sampled.


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