Brickworks – Field Trip Cherry [Bier Markt Ottawa]

Bar Review: Brickworks – Field Trip Cherry @ Bier Markt, Ottawa, ON
July 2016

logoIf you want a friendly and modern pub-style experience, Bier Markt Ottawa is at the top of our list of favourite places to go. With amazing German-inspired cuisine and a drink menu that goes on forever, it truly has something for everyone. We like to frequent this place – not only for the amazing big-as-your-face schnitzels – but also for the unique and exclusive drinks you can find here. A couple of months backimage1 we wrote a review on the Rekorderlig Passionfruit Cider that we could only find available at Bier Markt locations thus far in Canada. Similarily, for the months of June and July, Brickworks Cider picked Bier Markt to be the first to carry their newest cider release, their Field Trip Cherry Cider exclusively.

Field Trip Cherry us a red-orange hue, almost like a golden rose colour. It is a medium-level smell with musty and cherry aromas emitting. Initially, the taste reminds us of the standard Brickworks Batch 1904 – dry, slightly sour and musty, with a mild bite and sweet apple flavours. However, it is really in the aftertaste that the cherry flavours start to appear and shine. The cider becomes very lip-pucking tart, with a burst of candied cherry flavour developing after a few seconds.

bier-marktThis flavoured cider is fairly dry with a little sparkle on the tongue. The cider is refreshing and would pair well with a juicy burger and fries, an item you can get from the menu. We did feel however, that the cider was almost (or actually) their flagship Batch 1904 cider with some added cherry flavour to it; while we thought their other flavoured cider creation, Stadium Island Peach, was a clear creation of its own. Regardless, we thought that Field Trip Cherry was refreshing and perfectly timed for release during the hot summer month.

Get this cider at Bier Markt locations while its still available. We are excited at the rumours that we will get to taste this cider again however – along with their flavoured peach cider and original ciders – in a tasting pack that is rumoured to be in the LCBO before Christmas.

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