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Rekorderlig – Wild Berries

Rekorderlig – Wild Berries

Cider Profile:

Name:  Rekorderlig – Wild Berries
Sampled July 2017

Brand: Rekorderlig
Type: Flavoured – Berries
Location of Brewing: Vimmerby, Sweden
ABV: 4.5%
Website Link:
Ingredients: Carbonated water, pear and apple wines, sugar, flavour, citric acid, sodium citrate, caramel, anthocyanins, potassium sorbate, sulphur dioxide
Gluten Free: Yes
Sugar Content: 100g/L

Size(s) available: 500ml (can)
Availability: All year – LCBO
Flavour: Wild Berries (raspberry, strawberry, blueberry)
Colour: deep pink
Big bubbles and some foam when poured that dissipates quickly.


Cider Crate Tasting Notes:

Smell: Medium candied berry smells – raspberry most obvious. Slightly acidic.
Initial Taste: Smooth with little bite, bitterly sweet with some acidity. Artificial strawberry and raspberry flavours quickly distinguishable.
After Taste: Remains very sweet, with an almost syrupy taste. Blueberry flavours more prominent. Almost combines to taste like rhubarb. Very little apple flavour.  After taste does not stay on the palate.
On ice: Less carbonation and flavour. A smoother flavour profile with less bitterness and acidity. Still very sweet in taste.

Additional Notes: A refreshing summer drink but more on the commercial, artificial side of beverages. Has very little cider taste to it and could almost be taken as a vodka style mixed drink.  If you are not a fan of the apple side – but like a cooler – this would be a great introduction; though we wouldn’t necessarily call it a “cider” in traditional terms.

Rated on a scale of 1-5
Sweet – 4.5
Sour – 2
Crisp – 3
Dry – 2
Fruity – 4

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2 comments on “Rekorderlig – Wild Berries

  1. Why don’t you list the amount of sugar that’s on your product? Your wild berry flavoured Seiter does not tell you how much sugar is in it. That’s not a good sign.

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