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CID – Rose Sparkling

CID – Rose Sparkling

Cider Profile:

Name: CID Rose Carbonated Sparkling Cider | CID Cidre mousseux gazéifié
Sampled on: March 2016

Brand: Les vergers de la colline
Type: Apple – Dry
Location of Brewing: Sainte-Cécile de Milton, Quebec
ABV: 6.5%
Website Link:
Ingredients: n/a
Gluten Free: n/a
Sugar Content: n/aSize(s) available: 750ml (glass bottle)
Availability: Le Marché des Brasseurs d’Ici and other Quebec Bottle Shops, Pubs and Restaurants
Flavour: Apple
Colour: Pale/Rose pink
Carbonation: Tiny bubbles that constantly stream.


Cider Crate Tasting Notes:

Smell:  Light apple smell, slightly musky. Tannins provide a smell that is astringent and like a wine.
Initial Taste:  Bitter and sour floral tastes. Musty and earthy, with slight hints of raspberry.
Aftertaste: Turns more tart than sour. Dry flavour with apple flavours emerging. Hints of malt flavours.
On Ice: Adds some carbonation, bigger bubbles. Big difference for flavour, ice weakens the bitterness and is less sour. Becomes sweeter with more fruity flavours.

Additional Notes: A more upscale wine-type of cider that would pair well with a romantic meal. You can tell it has been aged in a barrel for a long period, because of the earthy, musty flavour.

Rated on a scale of 1-5
Sweet – 2
Sour – 4.5
Crisp – 2.5
Dry – 5
Fruity – 2.5

Next recommendations:
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More Sour – TBA
More Dry – TBA
More Crisp – TBA

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