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Cidery Tour: Revel Cider Dec 2016 Tour

We were lucky enough to catch-up with Revel Cider Owner and Founder Tariq Ahmed, just a day or two after he moved into his new Guelph warehouse location.  We will come back when its setup but here are some of the photos, however I am sure it looks a little different today.

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Cidery Tour: County Cider, Waupoos, ON (June 2016)

We were lucky enough to visit County Cider in Waupoos on our way to the 2016 Toronto Cider Awards.  Grant took us into the fields to try some different apples and learn more about there production, and then we were Joined by Jen and had a cider on their public patio before the band played.

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We wish Jen and County Cider all the best moving forward and were very saddened to hear the pass of Grant in January of 2017.

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